Friday, 19 May 2017

Treachery and greed in the suburbs ofAuckland, New Zealand

Ned Newman – potentially retired real estate agent and frustrated writer is an insignificant character in this tale of intrigue which thrives on the devious and life threatening actions of a select band of ruthless individuals inspired by a common ingredient; greed. Unknowingly Ned has become the thorn in the side of one of New Zealand’s richest men, Eric Dunsheath, who by his own admission will stop at nothing to fulfil his goals and dreams. Eric is a vertically challenged male from the wrong side of the tracks; a dwarf with an IQ of 191. At an early age as an unwanted child he chose to leave the orphanage where his superfluous being was deposited at birth, for life on the streets. He lived rough until his cunning led him to fortune. Riches are his; millions. Eric is aware his life expectancy is short and is ready to make the world pay for the manner in which it has treated him. Unfortunately for Ned Newman, Ned is in his way. Ned’s weakness for the opposite sex serves only to lead him deeper into a web of premeditated deception designed to systematically destroy the neighbourhood in which he lives and bring his hopes of a peaceful retirement crashing to the ground. Anyone who dares to offer an impediment to Eric Dunsheath’s master plan, either knowingly or unknowingly, will suffer the same fate as the beautiful Amanda and the ruthless gay-guy Alex whose devilish counter plot spirals to an unimaginable finale. But Eric himself is a target. Is it possible to capture a person’s identity, relieve them of all worldly goods without raising suspicion, or give a hint to an outside world of any wrong doing? There are those who know it can be done and make it look scaringly easy. People like Alex Knott, a notorious Auckland business man who graduated from the ranks of common thuggary to command a personal empire of organized crime. He and his well drilled team of professionally qualified crooks work systematically towards their pot of gold which contains every dollar and every bar of gold Eric owns. Knotts associates are all highly skilled in their own field; an accountant, a real estate agent, a actress with the incredible art of mimicry and an ex Sumo wrestler Russian woman who is installed as Eric’s housekeeper. We are presented with a three sided circumstance of intrigue as Ned Newman innocently frustrates the efforts of all parties, mainly Eric Dunsheath and Alex Knott. Both men decide Ned is surplus to requirements and though people die and houses and apartments burn in the exclusive suburb of Point Chevalier, Ned Newman lives on. As a defiant spectator he survives the advances of seductress Elizabeth and the desecration of his home in Shallows Lane. Devious characters with unscrupulous actions are ready to move on Eric with an infallible scheme of seizure and extortion. Where will Ned Newman feature in the process and what surprises doe Eric have for everyone concerned. There could be big winners in this battle for Shallows Lane; but it is conceivable that Nobody Wins.

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