Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New Year

                   New Year

New Year takes the place of old
And as I awake to watch its birth
Gloriously the day unfolds
Its ethereal beauty upon earth.

The sombre greyness of the dawn
Is startled by the sun's first light
Whilst birds in chorus sweetly scorn
Its endless pursuit of the night.

This year though new will quickly wane
And yet another take its place
With blissful mornings, once again
The blessed gift of God's good grace.

Within my heart there burns a flame
With promise of a bright new dawn
For through His love I ascertain
The truth, that I'll again be born.

So at last I cast aside
The remnants of my tattered past
Triumphantly I'm satisfied
This bright new year is not my last.


How It Began

The power and the glory are not just a story
To hang on the wall as each Christmas draws near
Midst the tinsel and holly and time to be jolly
Jesus, He’s in there somewhere.

We hear street vendors yelling see trades people selling
Their incense and myrrh to the jostling crowds.
Krishna’s colourful chanters – countless counterfeit Santas,
But Jesus, He’s in there somewhere.

At this time of the year
With family and friends all around
As we share hopes and fears
Let us not forget how it began

There came monarchs and wise men
With gifts to advise men
That peace and salvation are rightfully theirs
In the joy of December
Rejoice and remember
Jesus, He’s in there somewhere.

When your loved one deserts you
And memories hurt you
The loneliest times are those spent in a crowd.
Should others deride you
Look deep inside – you
Will find Jesus in there somewhere.

Just call Him – He’s in there – somewhere.

(C) Copyright Roy Jenner - Auckland  1976

Our Monarch

As I gaze upon a butterfly
Whose wondrous beauty lies impaled
Against a background, oh so dark
Within my heart I want to cry
Yet marvel that with life curtailed
It still retains such beautiful marks

Where are the days when it was free
To move with grace from leaf to flower
Transposing life that all might live?
Compatible with bird and bee
Regardless of the fleeting hour
And then its freedom it did give

Beyond that time – before it all
Before its wings had broken free
It rested motionless and then
It cast aside its guarding shawl
And  spread its wings for all to see
The truth that it was born again.

My Lord is like a butterfly
For was He not impaled the same
As that sweet creature that you see?
(Against a background oh, so dark,)
Did He not rise? Did He not die?
Did He not suffer nails and pain
To give the gift of life to me?

He moved with grace upon this plane
From Bethlehem to Calvary
To spread His word that all might live
To show we can be born again
To save a wretched soul like me
And then His freedom he did give.

When strangers nailed him to a cross
Against that darkened scene around
They hung Him there for all to see
That through Him they’ll not suffer loss
For when they put Him in the ground
He rose again to set them free

I’ve seen the beauty of His love
Embrace two thousand torrid years
Which like a stone have rolled away
And with His guidance from above
Endured the anguish, pain and tears
I know I’m not alone today

For He still moves around this world
Transposing life that all might live
Call to Him and He’ll reply
Then feel your captive soul unfurl
Receive the life He has to give

Best wishes to all at a special time

                       Christmas Upside Down

When I look back on Christmas and when I was young
I remember with joy how the holly was hung
High in the hallways, on mantle and sill
To honour the season of peace and good will.
The greenest of prickles  with splashes of red
Midst garlands of  mistletoe high over head
Together with tinsel and bright, coloured lights
Flickering candles and other delights
All tenderly placed at this time of the year
As joyful reminders that Christmas is here.

I still feel the bite of the wind on my nose
As I fed robin redbreast  on chill winter snows
Whilst beckoning me through the night’s early rays
The village shops’ colourful window displays.
The butcher hand plucked our plump Christmas bird
And always had time for that joke he had heard
From the milkman, the postman, the man in the drapers
Or the freckled young lad who delivered the papers.
The voices of children still carry clear
With a songful reminder that Christmas is here.

As I grow older each Christmas I find
The pleasures of Christmas-past strong in my mind.
A man made of snow appeared on our lawn
Just at the time our sweet Jesus was born.
All winter he stayed and his eyes made from coke
Stared through our window, but he never once spoke,
But his eyes seemed to say ‘this is my Christmas too.
Would you folk really mind if I share it with you?”
And as Christmas means sharing we had nothing to fear.
A friendly reminder that Jesus is here.

Every year Christmas it comes and it goes,
But it’s no longer seasoned with crisp, winter snows.
Living  ‘down-under’  -  though just as much fun
Our memories are made in the warmth of the sun.
A day on the beach with the family seems strange
To one who remembers the old kitchen range
That produced a fine turkey, so hot, crisp and brown
With succulent vegetables dotted around.
The crackers, the paper hats, streamers and cheer
Are constant reminders that Christmas is here.

How special December as memory lingers
With barbecue steak sauce stuck to my fingers.
Sausages, hot-dogs and lamb on the coals,
Kumara, pumpkin and hot sausage rolls.
Long summer evenings with snacks on the beach
Place holly and mistletoe far out of reach,
But the giving, the taking, the kindness, the mirth,
The spirit of Christmas engulfs the whole earth.
Then as we relax with our loved ones, so dear
We need no reminders that Christmas is here.

(C) Copyright Auckland NZ   November 1996  ROY JENNER