Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How It Began

The power and the glory are not just a story
To hang on the wall as each Christmas draws near
Midst the tinsel and holly and time to be jolly
Jesus, He’s in there somewhere.

We hear street vendors yelling see trades people selling
Their incense and myrrh to the jostling crowds.
Krishna’s colourful chanters – countless counterfeit Santas,
But Jesus, He’s in there somewhere.

At this time of the year
With family and friends all around
As we share hopes and fears
Let us not forget how it began

There came monarchs and wise men
With gifts to advise men
That peace and salvation are rightfully theirs
In the joy of December
Rejoice and remember
Jesus, He’s in there somewhere.

When your loved one deserts you
And memories hurt you
The loneliest times are those spent in a crowd.
Should others deride you
Look deep inside – you
Will find Jesus in there somewhere.

Just call Him – He’s in there – somewhere.

(C) Copyright Roy Jenner - Auckland  1976

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