Friday, 5 August 2011

And so it begins. The first of many new crime novels - written to thrill you.

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Think of the many good books you have read in your life time; then take a moment to put ROY JENNER’S new list of crime novels high on that list. You can now download the first of those listed below for this low price. Of these 7 are previously unpublished, all 8 will be available to you  as E-BOOKS.  Great reading!  Download now to your E Reader for the low price of US$4:99 Download now and prepare yourself for an inexpensive and thrilling ride through the Central Business Districts of Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand; through the Outback and Heartlands of these pioneer countries. Visit the home counties of England and the battle fields of Dunkirk and North Africa. Probe into the minds and cultures of people like yourself and experience their trials and torments as they are disadvantaged and deceived by white collar criminals and ruthless villains. These devious plots involving tricky individuals will justify your decision to invest in your E-Reader. Do it now and settle down for a good read. 

Yours to download from SMASHWORDS 16th August 2011 US$4:99


The Bringing Down Of The Hawk (136,000 words) Powerful.

Short description
World War 2 rips the hearts from the Starlings. A ten year old boy survives the London Blitz to mourn a father lost at Dunkirk.  Eddie Starling emerges unscathed to battle Rommel in North Africa where Eddie is wounded. The war ends. Father and son reunite in New Zealand where their trust is exploited. The embittered son Ted Starling vows vengeance
Long description
The share market crash in October 1987 affected the lives of many New Zealanders. None more than that of Ted Starling, a childhood immigrant carried to those shores in 1946 in the wake of World War 2. Ted was ten years old when this story began and his father Staff Sergeant Eddie Starling was engaged with the 18th Battalion of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force combating the might of Rommel’s armour in North African desert. Eddie had survived the ravages of Dunkirk, but suffered severe injury in the wake of Rommel’s retreat. His shell-shocked body was transported in its amnesic condition to Auckland, New Zealand where a new life with a new identity was established.
 Fifty years of passion and intrigue, heartbreak and devotion are exposed as a father and a son grow together as New Zealanders to form an inseparable relationship. Their story crosses five continents and five decades to culminate in a powerful, well planned and particularly personal act of retribution. Young Teddy Starling had been distressed by the death of his mother in Flying Bomb attack that destroyed their home in South London, but was compensated when reunited with his father, thought dead in the African desert. Teddy, the boy, grew to Ted Starling the man and life was good for the Starlings in Auckland. Eddie’s time in uniform in France and the desert is well documented as is Ted’s, as he matured to serve his two years for the queen in her khaki uniform. Exciting things happened in Egypt that re-established old relationships. Out of uniform once more Ted dedicated his life to that of his father and newly found friends in New Zealand. As a successful businessman Ted travelled to Sydney where he was is devastated by the sudden death of his father while away. On his return Ted decided his father, Eddie, had lost his life in suspicious circumstances and Ted’s one reason to live was to expose the one responsible; Vince Graham. Ted’s plan is powerful and intrinsic, but became frustrated when he learned he had a terminal heart condition. He was advised his life expectancy was not sufficient to bring Graham before the courts. His endeavours were further disrupted when the 1987 stock market crash claimed the life of the man he despised. Ted Starling recognised the death of Vince Graham as a fait accompli and alone in the world he was satisfied his life, at fifty years of age, was at an end. Now, the inexplicable happened; he fell in love: with Vince Graham’s ex wife. Dawn Graham, ten years Ted’s junior and alarming rich and successful in her own right, was smitten by Ted and failed to understand his reasons for rejecting her. Their story is a golden thread running through this family saga which is filled with delightful characters, visits colourful locations in Australia and New Zealand and explores local culture. It describes in detail The Bringing Down of the Hawk, how and why. It is a tale of love and laughter, of dedication and loyalty, pain and passion that reaches from London’s East End through to the wilds of New Zealand’s North Island to domicile in Auckland City. It lingers in the outback of Australia’s Snowy Mountains, the bustle of Paddy’s Markets and the fearful iced terrain of Mount Erebus. It is a powerful family saga in which life and death fail to discriminate.

Adult Content: Totally appropriate for all ages.

Catagory:      Crime – mystery – intrigue - suspense - world war 2