Friday, 1 July 2011

The Masked Man

Who is that masked man? That has often been said
But his face doesn’t matter it is what’s in his head.
There for your download, tales of crime and suspense
Love, drama and passion, with plots so intense
You’ll be drawn to keep reading long into the night.
Novels new and intriguing designed to excite
A click of your mouse and you’re ready to go
So read on dear reader – don’t be slow – don’t be slow.

A Family Drama That Spans Five Continents and Five Decades

The Bringing Down of the Hawk
Coming soon to an E Reader near you

Follow the Starling family from the beaches of Dunkirk to the Central Business District of Auckland New Zealand; from the Blitzkrieg of London's East-End to Sydney's Paddy's markets. Read of the bond between father and son and of the love and loyalty of their extended family who form part of their new life in New Zealand. Fifty years of passion and intrigue, heartbreak and devotion are exposed as a father and a son grow together and their lives are torn apart. Revenge and retribution with love and loyalty as the victors..