Friday, 23 December 2011

The Pilgrim

             Trevor Lawrence Jenner

           29 September 1947 – 15 January 1993

I found you today to find you are gone.
Who is it decides when it’s time to move on?
Your lonely farewell by me was unheard
Down this two way terrain – never a word.
But today the words reached over oceans and years  
         Now I offer to you my absentee tears
         As different directions tore us apart
         Your generous spirit still sang in my heart
         The smile I missed then I miss now even more
           Like the music you made – all gone before . . . .
           Down that lonesome road back home. 
            ‘Chapter 33’  -   Para 2 -  Brother to Brother.’

He handles life’s rejections with dignity and grace
As he compromises daily with the years
Accepting that his destiny is ever off the pace
He’s a constant source of sadness to his peers
Yet his past defies his future as he lets it slip away
Behind the dignified expression of a clown
Being grateful for the challenge to decide with each new day
If the going up is worth the coming down.
With apologies and gratitude to Kris Kristofferson