Sunday, 21 May 2017


The guts of a good story comes from experience and that is something I have. Let's begin with a half lifetime spent embroiled in every facet of the meat trade, from London's East End and the fabulous Smithfield Meat Market to the Antipodean fleshpots of New Zealand's meat industry. Hands-on experience from the insignificant bacon slicer and display cases of the country's finest supermarkets to the gut rooms and boning tables of Auckland's now nonexistent freezing works and killing floors provides flavour for the themes of my stories. It doesn't stop there. Now consider a further twenty five years involved with New Zealand's top real estate company and the blow-counter blow of the marketing of residential homes and you will be offered an understanding of the source of the ingredients of my novels. I was born in London's East End, dockland, in 1934 and moved to New Zealand with my wife Mary in 1963. We have lived in Auckland since that time. We have four sons, eight grandsons and three granddaughters and now one great grandson and two great grand daughters; where does it end?. I have travelled the world to its four corners and love to include that experience in what I write especially; the three years served in the British armed forces with the Colours. Two of these years involved active service in the Suez Canal Zone of Egypt. My last venture outside New Zealand's shores was to Memphis and Nashville which fulfilled a lifetime's ambition. My love of music and lyric has always influenced my direction with a strong lean towards the works of William Blake, Hank Williams and Kris Kristofferson. In 1983 a challenging career change involved me in the real estate industry. The lack of enthusiasm on the part of publishing companies has never deterred my desire to write. I love to write and now, in a potentially retired situation, the words and stories pour from me to take the form of family sagas and crime novels set in venues worldwide. My work has been well received by my peers and I have responded well to their constructive criticism which has led to a better product. I have recently completed my 13th novel, (The Shadow of the Black Sheep), built around crime and deception on the streets of Auckland. There is never a shortage of those things in New Zealand. This novel and all others are available now for purchase as a Kindle book Amazon. I have produced one published paperback novel - 'On The Lip Of A Lion' which was well received by readers and media and a hard back published in London - 'Lost In Time' - a futuristic while historic mind bender. I'm older now and even more enthusiastic and continue to write for adult audiences with great emphasis on the hearts and minds of my characters. It often happens when I turn the last page in a novel I have remained hungry wanting more - and I use that for a template for my books. I want you to look on me as a purveyor of the written word, a dramatic chef and here on this site I present a smorgasbord of verbal delights penned to satisfy your appetite for good tales with tasty story lines flavoured with the everyday ingredients of life that regularly have us crying in our beer, laughing, wanting, loving. Each one of the 13 novels offered to you here is a ‘chef’s special’ built on my lifetime experiences which stretch from the Blitzkrieg of London when the next bomb to fall in 1940 could well have been the last I would know of - to the bountiful shores of the Land of the Long White Cloud in 2017. I enjoy writing and fill my pages with twists and turns aimed to keep the reader involved and not wanting to put the book down. It is working well up to now. 13 novels that cover the world - places I have been and know about from the sands of the North African desert and the Egyptian Canal Zone - the magic of Memphis and Nashville - the outback of Australia and the whirlwind of its cities - L A and Mexico - the streets of London where I was born and of course the wonder and splendour of New Zealand. Love, murder, laughter, crime, revenge, passion, you name it - it’s all there to be savoured in my pages. Now I invite you to try something different and I welcome you aboard my travel train - a click of the mouse clips your ticket and you are on your way. My stories reflect real-life situations, page-turners filled with people and events that are credible and recognisable in everyday life. If you enjoy devious mind bending crime stories, look no further. It is my aim to leave you satisfied, but wanting more. I’ve not yet heard of anyone who didn’t empty his plate when sampling my cuisine. Thank you. I’m Roy Jenner.

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