Saturday, 21 January 2012

8 New Crime novels - download now.

And so it begins - 8 new crime novels - written to thrill you.

Page-turning tension is yours to own now at such a low price.

Think of the many good books you have read in your life time; then take a moment to put ROY JENNER’S new list of crime novels high on that list. You can now download any of those listed below for as little as US$0.99, some as much as US$2.99. Of these 7 are previously unpublished, all 8 are available to you  as E-BOOKS.  Great reading!  Download TAKEN BY EXPERTS now to your E Reader for US$2.99 and prepare yourself for an inexpensive and thrilling ride through the Central Business Districts of Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand; through the Outback and Heartlands of these pioneer countries. Visit the home counties of England and the battle fields of Dunkirk and North Africa. Probe into the minds and cultures of people like yourself and experience their trials and torments as they are disadvantaged and deceived by white collar criminals and ruthless villains. These devious plots involving tricky individuals will justify your decision to invest in your E-Reader. Do it now and settle down for a good read.   Please now check out other posts.


  1. SueHJun 29, 2011 02:53 AM
    Well done for taking you first steps into blogland Roy!

    On the Lips of a Lion was a great read and I look forward to hearing all about your new eBooks.
  2. John RiggottJul 1, 2011 01:21 AM
    I believe that On the Lips of a Lion is one of the most inthrawling novels that I have read in recent times, however I like all the novels that this Author has written up to the moment, the first I read was The Bringing Down of the Hawk, the one should be made into a film one day, finally I encourage Roy to carry on to what in the end should be a brilliant career.
  3. ValentineJul 2, 2011 03:26 PM
    Move over Lee Child ..... Roy Jenner has arrived !

    Having had the privilege of reading all of Roy's books, I can tell you that his writing exposes the unexpected, surprising the reader by unthought of situations and intriguing solutions.

    Once started, I cannot put his books down until the end. Keep writing Roy, I love your stories.
    El Whyman
  4. slydixonAug 4, 2011 09:59 PM
    All of Roy's books are real page turners. Bringing down the Hawk was one of the first that I read and I highly recommend it.

  5. D.M.LewisAug 6, 2011 01:59 AM
    Like valentine above I have also had the privilege of reading all of Roy's books. I loved Lip of the Lion and have passed around my signed copy in the UK. Roy is a great writer: he has been my inspiration proving that you're never too old to rock'n'roll! The 'Hawk' demonstrates Roy's skill and experience, a thoroughly engaging read. What is the e-book equivalent of a page turner?

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