Friday, 9 December 2011

    The Fields Of Kent

Let me wander wild and free
Where the white cliffs meet the sea
Where the days of my youth were spent
Where I’m most content
Midst  the fields of Kent
Let it be
Let it be that I shall find
All I left behind
Let it be

Can it be that I’ll  return 
To the land for which I yearn?
To the place where my dreams were made
In the cooling shade 
Of a woodland  glade
Can it be?
Can it be that I can find
All I left behind
Can it be?

Is there someone waiting there
Who can end my calm despair?
Walk with me in the cooling shade
Through a blue bell glade
As the evenings fade
Is she there?
Could it be she’s waiting still
On that blue bell hill
         Could it be?

         Yesterday’s dreams

Made to come true

         Yesterday’s dreams

Blue bells and you.
Yesterday’s dreams
Yesterday’s dreams
         Yesterday’s dreams.

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