Thursday, 14 July 2011

Borrowed Time

Short Description. 
This the sequel to The Bringing Down of the Hawk, which crosses continents to deliver vengeance and break hearts. A family saga filled with suspense featuring Ted Starling and Dawn Graham, exposing the love and heartache of the ten vital years missing from the first novel. Espionage and cunning in Auckland City filled with exciting situations and characters.
Long Description
The stirring sequel to The Bringing Down of the Hawk. A gripping story involving industrial espionage in New Zealand and the effect it has on the lives of Auckland business man Ted Starling, his bride to be Dawn Graham and those close to them. The opening chapter involves German fighter pilot ace Broer Altschul and describes the events that led to his relocation to New Zealand following his capture in North Africa.  Dawn Graham, the founder of her own design and fashion organization,  working only in New Zealand wool products, unknowingly becomes the target of lightning sketch artist Altschul who has the ability and means to reproduce her exclusive designs and present them to the New Zealand market before her own marketing processes can be established. Ted Starling’s failing heart induces him to make drastic decisions in his life and we are introduced to New Zealand bushman Ryan Elliott in the backwoods of Taupo who becomes the donor of the life saving organ.  Many of these characters overflow from the previous book and this story deals with the strength and love between a male and a female in more mature years of life. It also deals with the private lives of unscrupulous characters such as Altschul and his conniving colleague Slade who are the parasites of life who choose to grow fat from the pickings from people such as Ted and Dawn. Dawn Graham’s designs are under threat as copyright thieves threaten her industry when she is most vulnerable with Ted in a life-or-death situation. Ted becomes the recipient of a new heart and this story exposes the personal feelings of those involved as relatively the subversive attacks on the structure of their lives take second place. Ted recovers and he and Dawn marry bringing into the story characters from the past who have always stood by Ted in difficult times. Ted’s character is tested when Dawn conceives a child she is destined not to carry for nature’s full term and heartache and despair tear the story line apart.  In a personal grief Ted forsakes everything and everyone close to him, but eventually finds the strength to seek the comfort from long time family friends. With his replacement heart failing he understands he has been on Borrowed Time and undertakes to reveal a few personal secrets and straighten the record. What do we have here?  We have a story of love, of loyalty, of failure and extreme success and of course, recrimination; and of villains who become victims of their greed and pay the ultimate price. Borrowed Time portrays in historic detail the lives of a potpourri of characters who are influential in the directions the lives of Ted and Dawn Starling take. Ted Starling eventually is faced with the ultimate test and takes his Maker to task for the troubles inflicted upon him. He seeks refuge in his Church in the Wild Wood and emerges with what to him is total understanding, having made a vital decision. Travel to Kansas to Nashville, to Northern Ireland, to New South Wales and get into the minds and hearts of the good people  and the bad, whose personal schemes and actions tip the balance first one way and then another as Ted Starling continues to survive on BORROWED TIME. His successes derive from his belief in love, justice, loyalty, honesty, integrity and self-sacrifice; his determination for vengeance derives from his desire for justice for others. BORROWED TIME is a spoiler for The Bringing Down of the Hawk. It is recommended the Hawk is read first.      
Adult content.  Suitable for all ages.
Category.   Drama – suspense – romance – industrial espionage
Keywords.  Murder – suspense – kidnap – New Zealand – romance – music – history – police – crime - detective – adventure – travel –  killing – hunting - violence

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