Wednesday, 29 June 2011

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  1. Well done for taking you first steps into blogland Roy!

    On the Lips of a Lion was a great read and I look forward to hearing all about your new eBooks.

  2. I believe that On the Lips of a Lion is one of the most inthrawling novels that I have read in recent times, however I like all the novels that this Author has written up to the moment, the first I read was The Bringing Down of the Hawk, the one should be made into a film one day, finally I encourage Roy to carry on to what in the end should be a brilliant career.

  3. Move over Lee Child ..... Roy Jenner has arrived !

    Having had the privilege of reading all of Roy's books, I can tell you that his writing exposes the unexpected, surprising the reader by unthought of situations and intriguing solutions.

    Once started, I cannot put his books down until the end. Keep writing Roy, I love your stories.
    El Whyman

  4. All of Roy's books are real page turners. Bringing down the Hawk was one of the first that I read and I highly recommend it.


  5. Like valentine above I have also had the privilege of reading all of Roy's books. I loved Lip of the Lion and have passed around my signed copy in the UK. Roy is a great writer: he has been my inspiration proving that you're never too old to rock'n'roll! The 'Hawk' demonstrates Roy's skill and experience, a thoroughly engaging read. What is the e-book equivalent of a page turner?